Goddess Tara

Goddess Tara

Crisis Calm
For All Emergencies

This refreshing and reassuring spray mist is created following the profound success of the Spirit of Woman flower essence blend of the same name, Crisis Calm. It is used in all kinds of emergencies, emotional, physical or mental and is used with great effect on animals and plants alike. It acts quickly and effectively to revive, calm, enliven and elicit a positive, grounded, appropriate response in all situations that take you out of your comfort zone.

Tara is filled with youthful vigour and is the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess of activity. She is a saviour-goddess of compassion. The colour green signifies activity and accomplishment. Tara is known to act quickly to help all those who call on her in distress.

All kinds of emergency and traumatic situations, including those in which you are a by-stander, can result in feelings of panic, distress, ungroundedness, dissociation and lack of control. This is a common human (and animal and plant!) response to unfamiliar traumatic events and feelings. However, in reality such occurrences often require assistance, support or capable intervention. Some people have the uncanny ability to stay calm and centred in all situations and respond to an unexpected crisis sufficiently well to even save lives, or at the very least, to prevent a situation from becoming more chaotic and disastrous. Most people though, are not as unruffled and can become deeply swept away, emotionally and physically, to the point of not being able to manage a difficult situation. Spraying Goddess Tara Crisis Calm has an immediate soothing effect, bringing back a sense of control and calm. It can be used for an individual to assist with response to a crisis situation or to calm an emotional storm. It can also be used in a group where mass panic or distress is filling the airwaves.


Spirit of Woman Flower Essences of Acacia, Ajuga, Dandeliion, Silver Wattle and Storm Lily, Sacred Earth Crystal Essences of Lepidolite, Pink Calcite and Black Tourmaline, Organic Essential Oils of Bergamot, Peppermint and Ylang Ylang, natural preservative and purified spring water.

Goddess Tara Crisis Calm can be used for example:

  • an emotional crisis, such as a relationship breakup or an argument                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • a physical wounding or shock, such as falling down stairs
  • post car crash, to clear the shock
  • after-effects of rape or physical or verbal abuse
  • a distressed baby (and mother)
  • a child having a tantrum, after an bruising or in the event of a school-yard bully
  • loss of a job or job opportunity
  • during a period of financial difficulty

This handy spray mist can be used for a one-off occurrence or, in the event of a situation going on for some time, for the entire period of distress, even over a period of days or weeks.

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