Goddess Gaia

Goddess Gaia

Clear Space
Clears Stagnant Energy

This beautiful Spray Mist is especially formulated to freshen and enliven a space, especially the dark corners of a room or house where the energy has become stagnant. Based on the sound principles of Feng Shui, the spray mist gets qi (energy) moving in the surrounding environment, opening you up to the presence of now, instead of being stuck with stale energy that belongs to another time, situation or powerful emotion.

It resonates with the energy of Gaia, the Earth Mother Goddess whose nurturance and loving embrace allows you to be safely in the present, by creating fresh new growth each Spring and recycling old dead energies in Autumn to be recast again next season.  The Earth abounds with energy-cleansing strategies, such as wind, water and fire which can purge an area, despite apparent destruction. Yet for all the human tragedy events such as searing bush fires generate, for Gaia it is a detox and cleanse, because next spring the charred remains will burst forth into bud again to recycle afresh with little or no cost to nature's unending bounty.

Sacred spaces on the Earth include waterfalls, caves, gem fields, mountains, deserts, coastlines, ceynotes, pesas, gardens, lakes, rivers, forests and plains to name a few. Each of these charged spaces is brimming, bristling and bursting with life at the core. They are magnetic, drawing to themselves life forms such as insects and animals, dazzled by their unique brilliance and drawing some form of life sustenance from them, such as protection, nourishment, luxury, perspective, silence, clarity and a myriad of other gifts to nourish the spirit. These gifts accrue to us as we appreciate them, lifting the quality of life to what it is designed to be, before humanity was cast out of the Garden of Eden. Spraying Goddess Gaia Clear Space creates a sacred space wherever we are. It reconnects us to our roots and lifts the energy so that we are fully present and grounded in the now with no remnants or wisps from the past muddying our space. It brings beginning, freshness and new energy in a spray mist.


Spirit of Woman Flower Essences of Black Nightshade, Dandelion and Pink Shamrock, Sacred Earth Crystal Essences of Lemurian Seed Crystal and Tibetan Rainbow Quartz, Organic Essential Oils of Benzoin, Cedarwood Atlas, Patchouli and Vetiver, natural preservative, purified spring water.  

Goddess Gaia Clear Space can be used, for example:

  • when moving into a new house or flat
  • changing the use of a room (such as creating a baby's nursery in the spare room)
  • opening a new office or changing bedrooms

Or, alternatively it is perfect:

  • to change the mood of a room, especially after a vitriolic argument, a sad event or someone dying
  • a potent way to clear disembodied beings, if they are present in an environment

Disembodied beings (entities) can come about in a number of ways, such as the presence of terrestrial fault lines or a stagnant body of water in close proximity to a home, a building whose historical use has been a public bar, a brothel, a place of persecution or a killing field, such as occur in war zones, even where someone has died as a result of malevolent intent, as in the case of murder, or suicide of a depressive. In such instances, spraying Goddess Gaia Clear Space serves a multitude of uses. It will not only open, enliven and freshen the space for the present moment, but it will also assist those lingering tortured and disembodied souls who have been afraid of the Light and lived or died in fear, to embrace their Higher Selves and move on in peace.

To use:

Simply spray all around the space you wish to clear, including all dark and dusty corners in a room. Avoid spraying the face and eyes.

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